Monday, December 7, 2009

Wikipedia Update

My post on wikipedia has now been up for over a week. It has not been altered or taken down. I posted a popular nickname for the New York Giants in the section about their uniforms and logos. A reason it may still be up is because it is in fact their most famous nickname so the writer possibly knew this and thought it fine to leave up. However, i did not cite it or leave a reference for the information which i thought would increase its chances of staying up. I did make an account though which may be another reason it has been up for an extended period of time. For looking over the others in class it seems to be a about 50/50 with the posts staying up. I can only venture guesses regarding why some stay and some do not. Maybe it is a very biased piece of media like many others in the field.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Illustrator Ads Reebok and Nike

These are the two ads I selected. The first one was the nike bull that represents the nike bull line of athletic gear made by nike. It caught my eye so I decided to attempt and make it better. I added more color so that the image would pop out. I also added in text and the nike slogan in case some viewers were unsure of just the logo. I used the pen tool to create the nike logos and curved the sides to mimic the logo as best as I could. Once the logos were made I simply put them in a way that it created the bull as seen in the original image. For the eyes I used the sphere tool from the rectangle tool. After that I messed around with the strokes and effects to make the image mroe astetically pleasing.
My second image was for Reebok athletic company. The original image was the blue one. It seemed very simple and one dimensional. I wanted to make it so it was more vibrant and so that the lettering was popping out. Also i wanted the broken up circle to almost appear as a basketball type texture which I found in the effects tab. I used a drop shadow and a white color for the RBK, so it appears to be in front of the circle and shows the company clearly. As for the broken circle I made multiple vector shapes using the pen tool and once again moved them around trying to create a semi circle that flowed. Once it was made i copied it and used the rotate tool to get the other side. once messing around with the colors and effects my final product was made.
This was my first time using illustrator and i learned a good amount and my projects came out pretty much how i wanted them too from using what i knew how to from class and in the tutorials.

Illustrator ad 2

Illustrator Progress Ad

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wikipedia Edit

I selected the New York Giants page because unlike other sports teams pages they did not include nicknames. I took the Giants page from wikipedia and added in their most popular nickname to the logo and uniform section, because their blue uniforms are how they gained their nick name "Big Blue". It was posted 11/29 at 12:00 and still has not been removed.
It is clearly very easy to temporarily change a wikipedia page as seen by the multiple changes made by the students in class. However, many are eventually removed in a few days showing that there are people who check. It still raises questions about who reads and selects what stays and goes, and also why certian things are removed. Other alterations are true, but for some reason are taken away.
I will repost in a few days about whether or not my addition of the Giants most famous nick name stays up on the page or is taken down.

Thursday, October 22, 2009