Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Cool Glove

The product I selected from “The Future Of” is the cool glove. This futuristic product has the potential to allow more progressive workouts for athletes. This one product is successful can change the face of sports and training. The glove’s technology lets the user cool down faster than their normal body enables them to. With this they athlete can then restart their workout with little to no exhaustion. The glove would be a relatively expensive price and relevant to a narrow market, however, with the proper marketing techniques this product can be very successful. The marketing tactics I would centralize for this product would be the following; narrow marketing, across media marketing and emotional branding. With these tactics being used this glove can be seen in a wider range then before and the future can become the present for the cool glove.
The reason narrowcasting would be a wise marketing option is because this glove would be geared towards athletes and fitness trainers. As an athlete I know they are always looking for the next best thing that can elevate their game to the next level. This glove has the potential to do that and once seen and heard about could really hit the market with great force. The cool glove could be a ticking time bomb for athletes. It can be pitched that it allows quick recovery and for longer more superior overall workouts. A way to narrowcast would be for the creators of the cool glove to get in touch with big time sports Medias such as; sports center, ESPN, and the professional sports NHL, NBA, NFL and so on. By doing this a specific group and type of consumer would be seeing the advertisements in bulk and the idea would be implemented in their minds. Sports center and ESPN own TV channels as well as web sites and magazines. This cool glove could be seen by only the target market it needs to be in order to flourish. It is clear that the people who would use this the most would be athletes and people into fitness, which is why narrowcasting in these select areas would benefit the cool glove more so then if it was just put out onto random channels or other media waves.
Another marketing technique that would serve the cool glove well would be across media marketing. While still narrow casting if the cool glove could be mass broadcasted on multiple media forms it would have a greater chance to be seen and purchased by consumers. Across media marketing is when multiple media channels are used and advertisements are out in bulk so consumers are bombarded with the product so that it is currently thought about. The key to this would be to still narrow cast to the target market while using multiple channels such as cell phones, emails, magazines, websites, Television and billboards. For example, commercials on big sports channels or when games are on at select days and times such as Sundays for football. Another way would be to find people who purchase fitness products or supplements online. Once they purchase it is clear they are into sports and then an email can be sent to them with the pitch of the cool glove. The options for massively marketing this product are endless.
Emotional branding is a technique that could have an extremely important affect to the sales of the cool glove. Emotional branding revolves around making the consumer feel a powerful connection to the product and feel as if they need it. When dealing with emotional branding with the cool glove it is important to make the athletes who use this glove want it for every workout. The cool glove should be the new protein shake of work outs. All athletes use supplement drinks or protein shakes when they workout. The goal is to make every athlete want to be wearing or bringing the glove to the gym as if it is a regularity of their routine. Also, emotions come into play with the price and quality. No one wants to be using past technologies if something new hits the market. As seen with the iPod for example, some people may have 4 different ones because once the new one comes out they want it. This is why the price being high will not hurt the sales of this cool glove. People will want to go to their workouts feeling confident and attached to their product. It should be pitched as the next step to achieving ultimate fitness with advanced technology. People who are on the fence about making the purchase will want to know that it is the next best thing hitting the market in their field of interest.
Although these marketing techniques require work and studies once they are done and running properly other techniques will come on their own. Word of mouth will become a large marketing tactic over time once the other tactics are set in motion. An athlete will sue it and love the results and pass it on to his friend and so on until many people begin to hear about it in regular conversations. Another tactic that will follow would be product placement among media. Obviously this product is an athlete’s product meaning that sports stores will be selling the product and in largely populated sports areas for example near large stadiums in cities that professional sports are played and so on. With online marketing and selling it will be easier to clear up the issue of product placement. Many of these techniques that I am speaking of for the cool glove is used for many products already the question is are their futuristic media methods that are to come. I can see in the future the possibility of cell phones with internet service making a connection to what sites you go to and what purchases you make via the phone. Once the phone knows what your interests are it can then send you advertisements for products you may like. For the cool glove people can be looking at sports sites or buy jerseys and then get a pop up for the glove with an explanation of what it does. This already occurs in some fashion on computers, but bringing it to phones may be the next big thing in marketing. It is such a wide spread community that if it can be harnessed can result in large returns for the companies.
To wrap up, there are many marketing techniques that could be sued to make this product as popular as it can be. The most important would be, emotional branding for a good overall feeling, narrowcasting to athletes and across media marketing with a plethora of different media channels. With all these being done by professionals I only would anticipate great success for the cool glove as a popular product to consumers. All these marketing options would hopefully create a brand community that would keep expanding over time until the product becomes an athletes home name.